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Oxygen Compatible Products from MPT® Industries

MPT® Silicone/PTFE High-Performance Lubricant/Sealant
(Note: This product is not oxygen compatible)

For non-oxygen compatible needs, a synthetic lubricant/sealant designed to exceed the most demanding conditions, specifications and uses in aerospace, automotive, agricultural, chemical, industrial, offshore and vacuum applications.

A superior blend of dimethyl silicone and PTFE providing these outstanding benefits: Extremely High Film Strength • Extremely Low Volatility • High Dielectric Strength • Waterproof and Chemically Resistant • Excellent Low Torque Characteristics • Non-toxic • Exceptional Physical and Thermal Stability • Wide Temperature Range

Use MPT Silicone/PTFE High-Performance Lubricant/Sealant to extend lubrication intervals, provide longer equipment life, reduce labor time during maintenance activities and improve mechanical efficiencies. Packaged in convenient 8 oz. tube, 22 oz. cartridge and 2 oz. and 16 oz. jars. Please call for industrial bulk packaging.

MPT Silicone/PTFE High-Performance Lubricant/Sealant provides exceptional capabilities as a thread sealant for use with high pressure gases (not oxygen or fluorine), most acids (except alkali and HF), water and steam lines. Use MPT Silicone/PTFE High-Performance Lubricant/Sealant as a high vacuum grease (Torr 10-6) to lubricate O-rings or seal threads in vacuum systems. It also can be used to lubricate water treatment systems, high vapor pressure systems and mechanicals.

MPT Silicone/PTFE High-Performance Lubricant/Sealant is not recommend for use with fluorine, HF or alkali applications.

For additional information and test data, download the MPT Silicone/PTFE High-Performance Lubricant/Sealant Data Sheet here.

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